What We Do

Have you considered how your own private coffee label might better connect you with your network of supporters while providing an income stream? 

We offer a turn-key, subscription-based, solution for that exact purpose. Our solution provides these benefits while allowing you the freedom to run your organization. 

We’ll take care of the rest.  

Who We Work With

We partner with organizations with whom we share purpose and values.

How It Works

  • First and foremost, we are committed to the highest quality coffee.  We work hard to source and produce coffee that exceed customer expectations.
  • We work with you to develop product packaging & labeling to communicate your organization’s brand, coffee type, and a short engaging story of your recent work .
  • You will reach out to your supporter base through your typical communication channels, providing a link to your own custom storefront.   
  • Through this portal, your supporters & customers engage with YOUR brand and perform all purchase transactions. The customer will see your private label coffee brand and storefront, and can login to create a profile, set coffee preferences, and update delivery/billing info.  
  • Once the customer has agreed to the subscription and understands our partnership, the product will be prepared, packaged and drop shipped directly to the customer.

Why 7 Bean Coffee?

We understand you have a job to do and are already busy enough. Our goal is to support your organization to be even more effective by:

  • Providing another channel to communicate recent work with your supporters
  • Promoting your work to others who might not know you or your work (via workplace or church?)
  • Connecting.  Coffee has always been a way for people to connect.  A supporter’s daily coffee routine will keep your work in their forefront.
  • Making your coffee program as effortless as possible.
  • Providing a revenue stream that doesn’t require any additional contribution from supporters.  After all, they are already buying coffee. If the coffee is great and a reasonable price, why wouldn’t they buy it from you? 

If you are interested in discussing a partnership further, please reach out to grant@7beancoffee.com.